Related to Gitlab version Up-gradation

Hello!!! I am new to this Gitlab community forum and new to Gitlab too :slightly_smiling_face: . I have a query related to Gitlab announcement on its up-gradation.
Actually we are using Gitlab SaaS UI for our project. But one day, when i logged into my Gitlab account, it has shown attached banner.

So as per the banner info, outbound scope that scope. of CI_JOB_TOKEN access will be removed. So Should i be worried now. When i tried to check the version of current Gitlab on Help page, it has shown the info in screenshot.

So does that mean we are using Gitlab enterprise edition and its current version is 16.1.0? SaaS is a continuous delivery release, providing the latest stable version. To check your subscription, navigate into your group settings > billing, following GitLab SaaS subscription | GitLab

The question around CI_JOB_TOKEN is explained in more detail here, tl;dr is if you are not using any token limits, you do not need to take action. Going forward with 16.0, the access list is the only way to configure token access between projects (i.e. for parent-child pipelines).

Thank you Michael. This really helps :slight_smile:

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