Release-cli: command not found

I want to automate releases

The YAML file is:

stages:          # List of stages for jobs, and their order of execution
  - release

  stage: release
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_TAG                 # Run this job when a tag is created
    - echo "running release_job"
  release:                               # See for available properties
    tag_name: '$CI_COMMIT_TAG'
    description: '$CI_COMMIT_TAG'

I’ve read these blog posts
[Tutorial: Automate releases and release notes with GitLab](https://automate releases) and

the log console is:

$ echo "running release_job"
running release_job
Executing "step_release" stage of the job script
$ release-cli create --description "v1.2.4" --tag-name "v1.2.4"
bash: line 138: release-cli: command not found

Did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem and used the same configuration as you did.

Unfortunately, no!!!

Just out of curiosity… which runner executor are you using?