Release during pipeline

Automate release in gitlab ci


The goal is pretty straightforward, during the CI/CD pipeline, I would like to create a release associated with a tag (and this is pretty automatic), and then I would like to upload a binary associated with the release.
Ideally I would like to use the same style I already use for the artifacts.

I made some research, and I found some interesting resources:

I’m asking you…
What is the best way to do so?

Thank you


this is part of the release management vision, @jmeshell maybe can shed some more light into this being our product manager :slight_smile:

In terms of automating a release, you need to incorporate the releases API from a script call in the .gitlab-ci.yml for now. This should be done via the CI config file then. This is the epic for tracking:

Another iteration will be the release CLI which is described amongst the whole process in this amazing blog post:


Thanks @dnsmichi! Yes, you are totally right about following that epic for the next few implementations.

@Matteo425 - until we can support binary files in Releases, we have users adding asset links to the releases created with yaml via the Releases API. Hope this helps!