Release Event Webhook

I have created a webhook, input the URL, the secret and tested it out with the push events. This works ok and triggers the webhook. When doing so, I get a 200 response with the code {“status”:“success”}

I have now changed the events that relate to the webhook because I have added in build steps to my project which builds project files and commits them to the branch. The issue is that when I merge into my staging branch, and then run a build and commit changes, it kicks off the webhook twice.

So I changed my build to instead create a new release which it has successfully done. In the webhook itself I have selected ‘Releases events’ which is supposed to trigger whenever a release is created or updated.

This actually does create a new event and the Response code is 200, however the status is {“status”:“error”,“message”:“GitLab webhook handler isn’t interested in the supplied event”}

Everything in the release looks fine, as does the headers and request data. I just can’t work out why its triggering but saying its not interested in the supplied event.

Thank you so much for reading this and thanks in advance for your help.

I have just come to the realisation that the message “GitLab webhook handler isn’t interested in the supplied event” is the returned message from the webhook side and then upon further investigation, this is because they are only setup for a push event and not a release event.