Release RSS Feed for GitLab CE

This may belong in meta but I’m wondering if there is an RSS (or Atom) feed of all GitLab CE Releases. I normally am notified of updates via the blog. However, I would prefer to monitor a feed. For example, for GitHub repos it’s at project/release.atom.

I thought of using the blog’s feed but didn’t see a consistent tag or category (maybe I missed it) but if there was that could be used. I also checked what I think is the CE releases on itself: but that hasn’t been updated since 2015.

Hopefully this is an easy one for someone.

Looks like they are pretty consistant with the titles of the releases - the word release followed by a colon.

Use this “simple” one liner to extract the data you want from the blog feed.

http | xq '.feed.entry[] | select(.title|test("release:";"i")) | [.published,.title] | @csv'

xq is a jq wrapper for YAML and XML documents.

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