Remove custom logo after migrating to Omnibus

Hi lovely Gitlab Community!

After migrating from Gitlab from source to Omnibus (means also migrating from mysql to postresql), I now want to remove a custom modification I (somehow) made in the past, that shows a custom logo on the login screen, that is:

Manage git repositories with fine grained access controls that keep your code secure.
Perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests.
Each project can also have an issue tracker and a wiki.

Bavarian Bending Units Logo


Now, I cannot find any place or configuration neither any documentation on how to modify this area in Omnibus Community edition. A search revealed only some occurrencies in postgresql database, but I do not want to make any modifications in these (binary) files:

root@XYZ:/var/opt/gitlab# grep -r -l "Bavarian Bending Units Logo" . ./postgresql/data/pg_xlog/000000010000000000000001 ./postgresql/data/base/16385/17967

Any ideas how to help me on this?

Thanks a lot !!

Best Regards from Munich

You can change this by going to Admin->Appearance. Leaving the section blank defaults to the default GitLab Logo

There is no Appearance tab/menu in the Community Edition, is it?

In the meantime I solved this problem by just erasing “./postgresql/data/base/16385/17967” (= deleting + create empty file stump). Afterwards, the modifications are gone, and it looks like the default page :slight_smile:

There is, under http://GITLAB_INSTANCE_URL/admin/appearance. I am on GitLab 8.5.4

Gives a 404. I am on Omnibus CE 8.5.1.

That is because you are probably logged in as a non-admin user.

I am. There is no Appearance.

Would you mind sending me a screenshot of the output when you go to GITLAB_URL/admin? You can blur the URL part

You don’t believe me, do you? :wink:
Consider my situation, that I moved/ported from source to omnibus, maybe that is the core of what might be different.

Hi @sjentzsch

Custom logo (Appearance tab) might not be available in 8.5.1. Please upgrade to a higher version. Probably the latest one 8.5.7.

You can following instructions for Changing the appearance of the login page

Again, I am not using Enterprise Version; the first sentence of the page you gave me starts with: “GitLab Enterprise Edition offers …”. Also, between 8.5.1 and 8.5.7 only minor changes should be done, no major ones incl. new features.
For me, my method (see above) solved my issue. But thanks anyway :slight_smile: