Requesting triage of issue

Hi. I created a reproducible, well-documented issue on over 2 months ago. I followed all of the documentation for creating a well-written issue, yet there has been no response, not even a simple triage of the issue. Are publicly-reported issues no longer being accepted on I would like to have at least some feedback to know whether the issue is acknowledged, or whether it is a misunderstanding of the documentation (and if that is the case perhaps a clarification as to how this feature is supposed to work)?


Hi @mgulick!

Issues are accepted and encouraged, thanks for reporting this bug!

Applying a stage, category or group label onto an issue is what triggers the other triage actions and gets the attention of a team or stage at GitLab. I’ve added a stage label to the issue so it should get looked at within the next week.

Thanks again for the issue!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Analyze:Product Analytics

@jheimbuck_gl Thank you very much for the help!

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