Require Merge Request Approval Rule Based on User

I’ve been asked by a manager if he can be added as a required approval on merge requests for a specific devs work. I see how I can add him as a required approval on the branch, but that rule will apply to everyone. Is there a way for the level of granularity he is looking for?

We are using the newest version of Gitlab Premium.

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Hi, since you have Premium, that means you have paid support and would get a much faster response by opening a ticket here:

This is mostly a community forum for those who don’t have paid support like you do. That said, someone may reply and answer your question if they know about how to do that. But it’s likely to be far quicker through official support since you paid for it.

Fair point. I haven’t had to use it yet. I’m used to always asking on forums. lol Appreciate the insight. :+1:


AFAIK there is no way to specify approval based on author of the MR or commits.