Reset 2FA for developer account, Premium SaaS Plan

Hi, I’m an IT Support Specialist, and I have an Owner role in an organization on GitLab. One of our developers lost his phone with the authenticator app and had not linked his SSH public key to GitLab. Is there any chance to disable 2FA on his account? I tried writing to support, but I received a reply from a bot that said:

‘Only individuals listed as Support contacts are able to open GitLab Support tickets. Your user record is not associated as a named contact with any organization record that has a paid subscription, so this ticket has been automatically closed; please do not reply to it.’

The email address associated as a named contact is our CEO’s, so should I ask him to make a ticket from his email, or is there another solution? Maybe I can change the contact email.

To do that would mean contacting Gitlab Support. This forum comprises mostly of community members who have no permissions to be able to help out with your specific problem. Either you need to get the CEO to open the support ticket to get the 2FA removed, or get him to contact Gitlab Support and ask for the contact email address to be changed to someone else.