Reset GitLab AMI

Hi all. Totally new to GitLab.

A couple of months ago, I signed up for a GitLab EE (5 Ultimate Users) AMI on AWS to get acquainted with GitLab. I also used Docker on my Mac and used the pre-built EE docker container by setting it up w/ docker-compose. I also setup a docker gitlab-runner and a Webhook server, each in their own container. I’m comfortable with this type of container administration.

I want to set this up in AWS, but not sure what the best direction is. One thought was to “reset” the AWS AMI as I had installed Golang another other things in my learning experience. If this is doable, how do I retain the license?

Another thought is to use my docker-compose scripts to build AWS EC2 instances and then apply the GitLab license to that. If this is doable, how do I pull the existing license in order to apply it to the new instance?

Thanks for the help.