Resource_group behavior for separate projects

Running on GitLab Enterprise Edition 14.3.3-ee

I went over the docs and several tickets, for example:

This is a big issue, I don’t know if there is something missing but in my case, the resource_group is not working when used by different projects.

I got a gitlab-ci template, which has two jobs and both of these jobs are running in the same stage but have the same resource_group: my-special-resource-group set.

This template is used by several totally independent projects. So each of them, do have a include on this template. When “Project A” is executed at the same time as “Project B”, they can reach this included jobs at the same time and they will be executed, even though they have set the same resource_group.

These included jobs run on a gitlab-runner with docker executor. They are deploying some stuff on a server, only on of these jobs is allowed to run at a time across all projects using that template.
How can this be achieved?