Restoring account snapshot in case of screwing up

Hi all,

this is my private account but this is on behalf of my corporate account that is on a Premium SaaS plan.

I wrote a Python script that uses python-gitlab to iterate over the projects below our corporate GitLab group. I’d like to call the delete_merged_branches api method on all of them.

There is a nonzero chance I screw this up, hence the following question:

Which options do I (as Premium SaaS customer) have to reset the account to a known-good state? Which limitations are there?


I want to add that I don’t want to run a backup myself, for example by mass-exporting projects to another computer. Instead, I want to GitLab to restore one of the snapshots they take periodically.

If I screw up deleting merged branches via the API, I’ll likely screw up a mass export/import operation as well. :slight_smile: