Restoring dockerized gitlab instance possible only with database and persistent data?


Unfortunately our old server crashed and I’m now setting up a new Gitlab instanceon a new machine.
I was not able to save a proper gitlab backup before switching.

However, I do have a database dump, as well as all the persistent volumes.

I tried to restore the instnace from that. I was thinking it should technocally be possible, as I’m also able to upgrade between versions by deleting the docker container, downloading a new container, linking it to the existing data and spinning it up.

I used exactly the same versiosn fro postgres & gitlab, however, port 443 is not reachable, port 80 is reachable, but when I login, I get a 422 error.

Would anyone have some insiight in how I could solve this?
Is there any way I can restore the previous gitlab instance?

Not sure which log files could be of use here?

Any help is appreciated.