Retrieve docker image metrics

Hi . I had no idea where to put this topic so please forgive me if this is not right place. We using Gitlab in big organization with hundreds of projects . For now I’m struggle with some problem from few days. We do using Docker as a executor of our jobs , my team is responsible for updating and build this image which is using by lot of developers. Now I have to find a way how to retrieve some information from Gitlab . This information/metrics are:

  1. How many times is image used
  2. What project is using it
  3. Who is using
    There is lot of metrics and very nice api but main problem (what project is using our image) is still a big challenge.
    I would like add , we can’t use gitlab bulid -in variable in gitlab-ci.yml because users wan’t write in their yml file proper code line (we can’t force them to do it ).
    I have try to put variable to runners toml files and try retrieve data from our image but still nothing.
    This is to big organisation for searching by some script information in logs , that would be very big load for machines and cpu/mem .
    Can some one give me some clue how to start with . Thank you