Run multiple CI jobs in parallel, but manually


I would like two jobs to run in parallel but launched manually.
Basically I have multiple jobs needed to deploy my code to staging (build the server, build the frontend). I want to deploy to staging by clicking a button (hence making the jobs manual) but I want both of them to run at the same time in parallel (faster).

I though of creating a third, empty job, that would be manual, and have the real jobs in the stage after, that would run automatically when the empty job has completed. However, even an empty job with just an “echo” takes > 30 seconds and I feel this is dumb.

Do you have any idea how I could manage this?

Thanks a lot!

How about creating a job for the purpose of triggering the two deployment jobs?
You could have a “Run deployments” job, which runs manually, and it would trigger your “Deployment 1”, and “Deployment 2” jobs.

Thanks for your solution!

It would work yes. I did something even simpler, created a manual job that does nothing, and the other two jobs run on_success (no need to trigger).

But both solutions run a runner just to trigger other jobs and do nothing else, and the whole process takes 30-40 seconds and I’m trying to reduce my deployment time as much as possible…