Run Pages in a Single Docker Version of GitLab-CE

I’m looking to run Pages in the same Docker version of GitLab-CE as my GitLab instance. Is there a document that describes how to do this properly? I have read
but this is obviously not been written for the container version, as there’s not a second interface in the container (without fiddling one in.)

Alternatively, the documentation talks about using NFS to BIND mount the GitLab Pages folder, but the container GitLab-CE comes in does not have NFS commands in the kernel. Since it’s a container, I could create a Docker volume to hold the /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/shared/pages folder, and then mount it in a second instance of the container GitLab-CE. I’m just not sure that would be a good idea, as the docs also speak of NFS locks.

Any help on how I can bring GitLab Pages to my users would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.