Runner cannot register

I installed a runner on OpenShift according to the descriptions. It is running perfectly.
Unfortunately it cannot register at the GitLab server because of a blank registration_type. Any help?

Here the log:
thomasmueller1@Thomass-MBP-2 ~ # oc logs tmroksrunner-runner-55cdf69f5c-p9hxn
Defaulted container “runner” out of: runner, configure (init)
concurrent = 10
check_interval = 30
log_level = “info”
listen_address = ‘[::]:9252’‘/scripts/config.toml’ → ‘/home/gitlab-runner/.gitlab-runner/config.toml’
Registration attempt 1 of 30
Runtime platform arch=amd64 os=linux pid=10 revision=f86890c6 version=15.8.1
WARNING: Running in user-mode.
WARNING: The user-mode requires you to manually start builds processing:
WARNING: $ gitlab-runner run
WARNING: Use sudo for system-mode:
WARNING: $ sudo gitlab-runner…

Created missing unique system ID system_id=r_VCbDv9AgdoeU
WARNING: Support for registration tokens and runner parameters in the ‘register’ command has been deprecated in GitLab Runner 15.6 and will be replaced with support for authentication tokens. For more information, see Deprecation - Support for registration tokens and server-side runner configuration parameters in `gitlab-runner register` command (#380872) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab
ERROR: Registering runner… failed runner=GR1348941UwAmS9Aa status=POST 400 Bad Request (registration_type: can’t be blank)
PANIC: Failed to register the runner.