Runner exits out as "job succeeded" before finishing a job

I’m using GitLab CI tool to push images onto ECR on AWS.
this is a snippet of the bash script I’m using:

    docker -D build $CLIENT_REPO -t $CLIENT:$COMMIT -f Dockerfile-prod --build-arg REACT_APP_USERS_SERVICE_URL=""
    docker -D tag $CLIENT:$COMMIT $REPO/$CLIENT:$TAG
    docker -D push $REPO/$CLIENT:$TAG

When executed locally all 3 docker commands run just fine but when the CI tool runs the first Docker command it stops building at one point and exits as “succeeded” skipping the other 2 Docker commands.

Can I please get assistance with this as I’m cornered at this point ? If interested I can share job log from the CI tool and also from my local machine.

Solved here SSH into CI server