Running gitlab ci runner with docker on windows server 2016 ctp4

Im trying to setup CI for dotnet 4.6 project. Im using GitLab v8.5.1 with shared runner v1.0.4. I have installed a Windows Server 2016 CTP 4 that supports docker and have created an image for gitlab ci runner based on the microsoft windowsservercore image.

There is my .toml

concurrent = 1

  name = "docker runner 1"
  url = "http://my_server/ci"
  token = "my_token"
  tls-ca-file = ""
  executor = "docker"
    image = "windowsservercoregitlab:latest"
    host = "tcp://"
    privileged = false

and .yaml files

  - build

  stage: build
  - echo "Test run my build..."

When i run a build it fails with log:

gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.0.4 (014aa8c)
Using Docker executor with image windowsservercoregitlab:latest …

ERROR: Build failed with: API error (500): hcsshim::ImportLayer - Win32 API call returned error r1=2147942402 err=The system cannot find the file specified. layerId=c1ef764e74b9a93262141455f30229877e80ed9c04b93af6bc73e03568c33790 flavour=1 folder=C:\ProgramData\docker\windowsfilter\c1ef764e74b9a93262141455f30229877e80ed9c04b93af6bc73e03568c33790-1950806090

How could i solve this problem?

Any luck with this Xarlot?