Running job only when file/folder beside "if changes"

hi guys, i need some help with running job,

so i here’s my structure repo

  • root
    • apps
      • service1
      • service2
    • lib
  • package.json
  • env

so my goals is to whenever changes made besides folder apps ( folder lib, *json ) it will trigger job, because i already made a job, will run if changes in apps folder.


Hi @indra.mirccrew

    - changes:
        - ./**/lib/**/*
        - ./**/*.json

hi balonik, thanks for answaring but ./** mean all folder inside root folder ? so it it will see all changes in /root/directory, but in my folder is like /root/apps or /root/lib or /root/env, not /root/directory/lib or /root/directory/apps

That’s a glob pattern, it doesn’t imply any directory depth, have you tried it?

hi balonik, yes i tried it and works, thanks