Same container for building and testing


I am working with a .gitlab-ci.yml file in order to build, test and deploy my application each time i merge source files on master branch.

I am working with docker.

Here is one of .gitlab-ci.yml file i am working with:

image: microsoft/dotnet:latest

  - build
  - test

 stage: build
   - dotnet restore
   - dotnet build

 stage: test
   - dotnet test Tests

For each push, i have 2 jobs in 1 pipeline. The 2 jobs are not runned in parallel. Build, then Test.
I have a problem: There are 2 docker containers which are created: One for building and the other for testing.
That mean the build operation is done twice (one for build job, and again for test job).

What should i do in order to work with the same container for all jobs in the same pipeline ?
What i want to do is to keep build result for testing.


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I am running into the exact same problem.
My current work around is to just put everything in a single job. There must be a better way though. I don’t understand why the default behavior is to make a new container for every single job.