SAST include not working on new projects

We have existing groups and projects where SAST scans are working using the default yml when enabling SAST:


  • test
    stage: test
  • template: Security/SAST.gitlab-ci.yml

However, when new projects are created under the same pre-existing group the scan is no longer getting invoked. I compared new and old projects and don’t see any configuration(s) that would prevent it from working on new.

Any suggestions?

Current version:


Are the pipelines triggered or not at all?
Do the new projects have .gitlab-ci.yml?
Do you have AutoDevOps turned off?

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Hi and thanks for following up!

Pipeline does not trigger at all

Yes they have .gitlab-ci.yml

Yes AutoDevOps it is turned off

If you try to open the Pipeline Editor what does it say?

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