SAST UI report is not present in merge request widget (tab)


Trying to get the SAST report in UI in the merge requests tab but instead of this can only see this:

The expected result is to see this:

As i see from documentation such reports should be present out of the box in all versions, not in Ultimate only. Static Application Security Testing (SAST) | GitLab
So, where is the problem then? Please advise how to get the UI report for SAST. Thanks in advance.

The expected result pictured in your request I believe is part of the advanced security reporting that you get with the Ultimate subscription. At other levels I’m fairly certain the only visibility you have into your SAST findings will be the json files which can be downloaded via the download results button. The report includes various information that is being shown in the security dashboard but the burden of leveraging / maintaining that will be placed on the user. I’m not 100% on that but 99.99% as I’ve used the SAST functionality with both the CE and the free tier on the cloud platform. Depending on your language there may be multiple reports. If you are serious about tracking these I would suggest downloading them programmatically (haven’t done that yet but fairly confident it can be done) and then parsing the files.

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