Scan execution policy jobs have changed SAST and Secret Detection now failing

I have noticed that my Scan Execution Policy jobs have changed, and I need some information on this.

we were relying on the scan execution policies for secrete detection and SAST.

About 3 weeks ago my scan execution policies for sast and secret detection would run in separate jobs.

And they would run as the user I created for this task to take place across my groups for our company….

2 weeks ago they were combined into the same job, noticed this and guessing this was done by gitlab since we have no control over scan execution policies…


All recent scan execution policy jobs are running as a user I did not create, ( guessing this is a user gitlab created )

And everything the was successful is now failing…

I need to know more information on this change.

The sast and secret dection were working , now everything is failing…

And I feel like this is a change gitlab put in.

Thank you