Schedule Script (Docker) Hourly

We are looking for best practises on running multiple schedule jobs on an hourly basis. Currently we use rundeck to run docker images that contain scripts. Would like to move it over.

Our Scripts Run as follow

docker run --rm --env database=http://XXXXX/

I am still not convinced that GitLab is the right tool for this, for scheduled cronjobs I still use Jenkins most often.

Back to topic: you could use branches with only one job in gitlab-ci.yml to do this, then the pipeline view shows directly which job ran.

Or you put everything into the master branch, have multiple jobs in the .gitlab-ci.yml and select jobs via an environment variable you add to the schedule definition. The advantage of this is that you see all jobs at one place.

Or you combine the two and define all jobs in the master branch’s .gitlab-ci.yml and copy it into branches and select the job to execute from the branch name.