[Search API] Scope blob to search for binary file in project

Using the Search API (scope:blob) to search for binary file in project

What I am trying to do

I am trying to search for a file in Gtilab by using the Search API and the scope blob
I already know the ID of the project the file and can search in the project context.

What I did

In this example I have a picture with the name pic1.png.
To find it I called the URL:


The Result

The only result it returned was the MD-File where I reference the Picture.
However in the Documentation it is said that
Blobs searches are performed on both filenames and contents
Link to the Documentiation

My Question

Is it not possible to get a Picture or other bonary-content by using this API?
Or did I missunderstand the Documentation in any way?

I am using the GitLab Community Edition 12.4.2

I would appreciate any kind of advice on how to further proceed.
Thank you very much in advance.

Leonie Ke├čler