Seeking a Git/GitLab evangelist

Seeking a Git/GitLab evangelist to speak/demonstrate/tutor at a Python Users’ Group meeting (early 2024). Members vary from neophytes to masters of their craft, professionals and hobbyists, employees and self-employed. Perhaps topics such as:

  • basic git operations
  • pushing to GitLab (if only as an off-site backup)
  • branches etc
  • DevOps pipeline
  • adding documentation (or as separate parallel project/repo)
  • other stuff that you know better than I

Is there such a person, or someone brave-enough to take us on?
Please advise =dn

At least a location would be useful to know :slight_smile:

Virtual. UTC+13 (during early 2024)

Can you share a link to the meetup group? :slight_smile:

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Are you ‘evangelist’ for GitLab, or know someone with a similar role?

@d_n @dnsmichi is part of the Gitlab Team and works for Gitlab.

Requesting a response which actually answers the question, please…
Who can I talk to, about talking to us?

Disappointed to be asked questions but receive no sensible response.
Is there such an ‘evangelist’?
(under pressure for presentation to be about GitHub = shudders, but if folk want to learn about the subject, something is better than nothing…)

I replied saying @dnsmichi works for Gitlab, so you could effectively consider him to be an Evangelist/Expert in Gitlab. I find it strange you couldn’t figure that one out when someone replies. You had the opportunity to engage a lot more with him to explain more detail, but you failed to do that.

You were asked to provide a link to the meeting, so that the Evangelist could join, but you are not very forthcoming with information for someone to actually be interested. All you seem to give is attitude in your replies, instead of being thankful that people have replied suggesting someone who can help out, and that person also asking for a link so they could join the meeting.

No idea why you are being so secretive about it. Either you want to get someone interested in helping out or you don’t.

In addition to you being overly secretive about the event, a problem might be that it’s a group in New Zealand. Groups like this typically meet after work or in the (early) evenings, but those times in New Zealand is morning in Europe and probably night in the U.S., so many people will rule out the possibility based on that.
Especially as you didn’t talk about compensation, so people who could deliver this would probably reach the conclusion that they had to do it on their own time, which makes it even less realistic to happen at those hours.

But all of that would

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The Speakers page has a list of speakers from GitLab and the wider GitLab community: GitLab Speakers Bureau | GitLab.

To request a speaker, you can use this issue template (linked to from the Speakers page):

The Heroes program also has many evangelists who are members: Meet the GitLab Heroes | GitLab


Apologies, this topic slipped in my long todo list. I suggest following John’s recommendations to reach more folks, and avoiding me being the blocker.

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