Seeking a Git/GitLab evangelist

Seeking a Git/GitLab evangelist to speak/demonstrate/tutor at a Python Users’ Group meeting (early 2024). Members vary from neophytes to masters of their craft, professionals and hobbyists, employees and self-employed. Perhaps topics such as:

  • basic git operations
  • pushing to GitLab (if only as an off-site backup)
  • branches etc
  • DevOps pipeline
  • adding documentation (or as separate parallel project/repo)
  • other stuff that you know better than I

Is there such a person, or someone brave-enough to take us on?
Please advise =dn

At least a location would be useful to know :slight_smile:

Virtual. UTC+13 (during early 2024)

Can you share a link to the meetup group? :slight_smile:

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Are you ‘evangelist’ for GitLab, or know someone with a similar role?

@d_n @dnsmichi is part of the Gitlab Team and works for Gitlab.

Requesting a response which actually answers the question, please…
Who can I talk to, about talking to us?