Selecting a specific stage of a gitlab-ci.yml file

I have a three tier application that I am trying to use Gitlab to deploy. Right now my Web project is the “parent” project that contains my docker compose files. Using a multi-project pipeline my API and Access/Authentication services trigger these docker compose files to redeploy the entire stack. The problem I’m running into is that when one of the services is redeployed it is also rebuilding my front end even though all I need to happen is the deploy stage to run. Is there a way to bypass a stage and only trigger the deploy stage of my parent gitlab-ci file? I’m on a self managed Gitlab instance with self managed runners.

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Perhaps you could add a rule to the job/s in the stage you want to omit, which evaluates how the pipeline was triggered in the first place.
$CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE can be used for that.