Self-hosted git over ssh in debug mode in 14.5.0

We’re running the Omnibus Gitlab-ee on Debian stretch, obtained from Yesterday we ran the latest update to gitlab-ee/stretch,now 14.5.0-ee.0 amd64 from 14.4.2-ee.0. Since then, git over ssh has been running with debug output. We’re not sure why, or how to turn it off.

For example:

% git pull
time="2021-11-24T16:23:23Z" level=info msg="SSL_CERT_DIR is configured" ssl_cert_dir=/opt/gitlab/embedded/ssl/certs/
Already up to date.

Can someone point me to the appropriate setting?

See this forum post, which has already discussed this during the last day or so:

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Ah, thanks. I did some searching but did not find that post.

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