Self hosted Server 503 error

Hi There.

I’m self hosting my gitlab server in a url like “https://mydomain/gitlab”. I have postfix and Apache installed and configured with SSL. I have my own certificate from Let’s Encrypt and I can renew them myself. These are the status descriptions before I install Gitlab.

The question is that I was not able to get GitLab work. When after the installation is done (I’m using CentOs 7 and installed the package gitlab-ee), I configured my gitlab.rb file to use Apache and use my own certificate. All looks good, but when I try to access “https://mydomain/gitlab”, I get 503 error. (By the way, I’ve implemented DNS server locally, as well.)

So I tried the command gitlab-ctl tail and found out that there’s two services keep trying starting and never stop. The result is like the follow:

    ==> /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-exporter/current <==
2021-01-24_04:54:28.07443 ::1 - - [23/Jan/2021:23:54:27 EST] "GET /database HTTP/1.1" 200 339094
2021-01-24_04:54:28.07452 - -> /database
2021-01-24_04:54:29.76580 ::1 - - [23/Jan/2021:23:54:29 EST] "GET /sidekiq HTTP/1.1" 200 80043
2021-01-24_04:54:29.76585 - -> /sidekiq

What could I do to find out deeper reasons there and fix it eventually?

I’ve been stuck here for a while. Will really appreciate it if someone could help me out. I believe this should be something basic that I’ve done wrong. Thanks in advance.

Yida Zhang

Hi, make sure the Ports are not already used by another program. Usually you need the ports 443, 80 and 5050
Also please check out the troubleshoot page: