Server becomes non-responsive to one user

So this is a weird one.

Most of our .Net developers are able to work with GitLab without issue. They are using VS2017 with an SSH connection to GitLab.

One of our developers though, has the weirdest issue I’ve ever seen. He can log into our GitLab locally hosted site. He can clone repos from our GitLab site from within VS2017. He can pull and fetch from our GitLab site from within VS2017. but only once per ~15 minutes.

Log into GitLab website - looks good
can ping and tracert the GitLab server
Open VS2017 - clone branch, looks good
Attempt to fetch/pull/sync/push/etc… - Fatal error
Go to GitLab website - times out, can’t get to the login page
All pings timeout, tracert follows the same path, but when it reaches the IP of the GitLab server, it gets no responses.

While this is going on, all of the other developers are having no issues working with GitLab. I can log in and sync while he’s unable to connect. After about 15 minutes, he’s able to get back in again.

Any idea what could cause something like this?


An update on this, we’ve ruled out Visual Studio. We see the same behavior from the command line. 1 Git command, and then the server becomes unavailable. Rebooting does not resolve the issue, the developer just has to wait ~15 minutes and take his next single action.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.