Services execution order in a ci job

job’s services execution order

Hello, I have a job like this:

  stage: test-images
    - name: bitnami/postgresql:16-debian-12
      alias: cydb
        - "/bin/bash"
        - "-c"
        - |
          ...filling the database with fixtures...
    - name: $ourimagetotest
      alias: eap
        name: cypress/included:13.6.4
         - we execute cypress tests against eap

The job relies on three actors: the database, our image, which relies on the database and the test image which runs tests against our image. I am experiencing failures because eap service spring up before the cydb one causing the container to fail, so there is no service to run our tests against. Occasionally, cydb raises up just in time, so eap can lean on him and tests runs. Is there any setting I miss to guarantee services are executed in the order I define in job? Thankyou

Steps to reproduce

See the job posted here


see the job posted here


Gitlab version 15.10.6-ee

  • Self-managed
  • SaaS
  • [ x] Self-hosted Runners


  • GitLab: 15.10.6-ee
  • GitLab Runner: gitlab/gitlab-runner:alpine-v15.10.1

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  3. Troubleshooting docs: GitLab Runner, self-managed GitLab instances.

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