Set Customize name for Downstream Pipeline

### Set Customize name for Downstream Pipeline

***I am triggering child pipeline from parent successfully, What I want is, to customize downstream name to something rather than project name.

I have something like this in parent pipeline

Parent Pipeline (.gitlab-ci.yml)
stage: group-stage
- local: ***-gitlab/frontend-registration/group/group-ci.yml
strategy: depend
- -gitlab/frontend-registration/group//

I have marked child pipeline which I want to display some other name(eg: project-child1) rather than ***-tf-gitlab .#11

I couldn’t find any document for configuring in yml file

Thanks in advance :blush:


did you ever find an answer to this?

+1, it’s very hard to understand what child is running, being able to specify a name would be helpful

Same for me, I use it with a mono repo and it’s almost impossible to find which jobs are corresponding …

I have also post my problem here :

Any leads on this?

Not Yet.