Set up a default Board

Hi Gitlab Community,

we are creating a Board with issues for every new Project. And for every project there are “standard” issues which every project conatins. So we have to write them manually over and over again.

Is there a way to set up a default board? So when creating a new project we can choose “standard Board” as the board with all standard issues in it. That would be great and less work for us.

i couldn’t find anything via google or the Documentation. At least nothing that helps me.


No one :/? guess it is not possible then huh?

If I understand it correctly, I don’t think that is possible. That would require:

  1. Pre-populating the issues list of a new project with a standard set of issues
  2. Adding the standard set of issues into a default board

That said, you can probably accomplish these tasks using the GitLab API.

I’m not sure what your language of choice is, but here are some examples using the Python implementation:

Thanks for your Answer dplanella.

Build in would be super nice :wink: But this topic can be closed then.

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