Set up protected environment without approval needed

Hello Forum,

Probably a very basic question but I did not find an obvious answer looking around.

My company uses Gitlab v 16.6.

For a project, we configured an environment to be protected, adding a bunch of “Deployment Rules” to make “Maintainers” and a few more Developers “Allowed to Deploy”.

There are no Approval Rules set-up.

Option “Allow pipeline triggerer to approve deployment” is setup

The environment under discussion is configured to run manually on developers’ branches, with a configuration like the following:

deploy prodtest:
  <<: *deploy_base
  allow_failure: true
  stage: deploy-prodtest
  needs: [push prerelease deployable artifacts]
    ENV_NAME: prodtest
    RUNR_ENV: Production
      when: manual
    - when: never
    name: prodtest
    url: xxxx

When someone who is “Allowed to deploy” wants to manually deploy the environment, they need to self-approve the deployment.

Is there a way to make the approval NOT necessary for someone who is marked already “Allowed to deploy”?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Best Regards,