Setting clone_url results in failing to send gitlab-ci-token creds


I am finding that if I set a clone_url in the gitlab runner settings then it fails to send the gitlab-ci-token credentials when making a request.

The relevant runner config is this:

  config: |
      executor = "kubernetes"
      clone_url = ""
        namespace = "{{.Release.Namespace}}"
        image = "ubuntu:16.04"

I then get the following error from the runner pods:

fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

If I remove the clone url then I get:

fatal: unable to update url base from redirection:
  asked for: https://gitlab-ci-token:[MASKED]
   redirect: https://some-google-iap-url

The docs say that the url will be constructed from the clone_url and that the project etc. will be added. Why is this not happeneing?

Gitlab CE 14.4.1
gitlab-runner 14.4.0

Ah never mind, its because my projects were private. Set to “internal” and now it works.