Setup email notification for Self-hosted Gitlab

Hi, i have a self-hosted Gitlab at my network, and i want to setup email notification so that users will receive notification about the change on the source/issue and etc.

i had look for several source on GItlab’s docs, but i’m not sure which source/doc should i refer to.

if anyone has experience before, kindly recommend the source or any relevant materials



please follow the docs for enabling the notifications and configuring your preferred SMTP server settings. In case mail delivery is not working, use the troubleshooting instructions.



As per instructions, i had edited on /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb, with using gmail configuration.

After that, I executed gitlab-ctl reconfigure, as per instructed.

Then, run :

sudo gitlab-rails console
irb(main):001:0> ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method
suppose the result should be :smtp,

but the result return :
=> :sendmail

Is there any I still missing?


are you able to send emails manually on the CLI on the server? A possible way of doing this is described here.