Sidekiq not running

I have been running GitLab v14.6.0-ee on my odroid C4 for some time now, suddenly I can’t clone or fetch anything. Web interface works as expected though.

After running sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check I get the following error:

Sidekiq: ... Running? ... no
Try fixing it:
sudo -u git -H RAILS_ENV=production bin/background_jobs start
For more information see:
doc/install/ in section "Install Init Script"
see log/sidekiq.log for possible errors
Please fix the error above and rerun the checks.

Where is bin/background_jobs located, though? I understand it is this script.
I’ve looked in /etc/gitlab, /var/opt/gitlab, /opt/gitlab, /home/gitlab and didn’t find it…
Also I didn’t find sidekiq.log in /var/log/gitlab/sidekiq.

Might this be caused by full memory or disk space? I only have 4GB of memory (and probably no swap, not sure right now), and I know I should upgrade asap.

Can someone help me out here?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I have similar problem, did you find a solution ?
I can;t also find the bin/background_job nor sidekiq.log

for info, I found the background_job file in /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/bin

what are sidekiq usefull logs to look at, my sidekiq keeps rebooting since upgrade and the /var/log/gitlab/sidekiq/current is not telling me much