Signed commits consistently unverified

Hello everyone!

I’m running into some strange issues with signed commits.

I set everything up according to, but everything I commit is marked as unverified, although both my email and my key are marked as verified.
Additionally, the profile picture of the commit is not mine, but a default picture. (The commits do show up on my profile page)

The message if I click on the unverified button is this:

The gitlab instance is hosted by my university, so I sadly cannot tell what version they are running.

If you need any additional informattion, feel free to ask.

I hope you can help me fix my issue

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

are you using the right email to commit?
It seems that the commit email is wrong.

Inside your local project, what happens if you type git config --get

First of all, thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:

Strangely, the result of

is exactly the same email I have set in Gitlab as my primary and commit email.

I found it!

Looking around in Gitlab, I clicked on the “email commit” button out of curiosity.

There I found my email to be "<“”>, an earlier, non signed commit has “

I suspected this to be an issue with my git config files, because i could fix it with overriding my config file in the local repository. (using git config

The important part of my .gitconfig file

        email = “”
        name = My Name
        signingkey = 2BD08D7D3BDDC315A192A7DBA9615E34E845383F

The issue were the quotation marks around my email address.
After i removed them, als new commits now appear as verified.