Snippets - option to remove vertical scroll bar

Cramped viewing in snippets

When I make a snippet and name it anything like then it doesn’t show line numbers.

If I name the file or script.cpp then I get line numbers. Great.

No matter what, you get a vertical scroll bar viewing only 26 lines at a time. This is terrible.

This question has been asked before related to embedding, which I don’t care about [1].

I’ve started putting my snippets on github because they don’t have a vertical scrollbar on gists.

Here’s a comparison of vertical space on github vs gitlab:

The above img is a markdown file (113 lines). On github you get to see 59 lines. On gitlab, you’re stuck with 26 lines then must scroll.

I would love to be able to send a snippet to a friend that has a 4k display, and he gets to view 120-150 lines without having to scroll.

[1] - How to get rid of Embedded Snippet Vertical Scroll Bar