[SOLVED] Configuring SMTP server - Unable to send emails

I have installed gitlab today and so far I am liking it very much, it really suits my needs. I have been unable to configure the emails correctly, though, I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Here is my (partial) gitlab.rb

gitlab_rails['smtp_enable'] = true
gitlab_rails['smtp_address'] = "smtp.mydomain.pt"
gitlab_rails['smtp_port'] = 25
gitlab_rails['smtp_user_name'] = "noreply@mydomain.pt"
gitlab_rails['smtp_password'] = "xxxx"
gitlab_rails['smtp_domain'] = "mydomain.pt"
gitlab_rails['smtp_authentication'] = "login"
gitlab_rails['smtp_enable_starttls_auto'] = true
gitlab_rails['smtp_tls'] = true

gitlab_rails['gitlab_email_from'] = 'noreply@mydomain.pt'
gitlab_rails['gitlab_email_reply_to'] = 'noreply@mydomain.pt'
gitlab_rails['gitlab_email_enabled'] = true
gitlab_rails['gitlab_email_display_name'] = 'GIT Team'

gitlab_ci['smtp_enable'] = true
gitlab_ci['smtp_address'] = "smtp.mydomain.pt"
gitlab_ci['smtp_port'] = 25
gitlab_ci['smtp_user_name'] = "noreply@mydomain.pt"
gitlab_ci['smtp_password'] = "xxx"
gitlab_ci['smtp_domain'] = "mydomain.pt"
gitlab_ci['smtp_authentication'] = "login"
gitlab_ci['smtp_tls'] = true
gitlab_ci['gitlab_ci_email_from'] = 'noreply@mydomain.pt'

I have performed these changes and used the “gitlab-ctl reconfigure” command with no success. Logs tell me no error


Sent mail to xxxx@gmail.com (230.9ms)

Can anyone point me into the right direction? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find an answer.

Problem was that TLS should have been false. So dumb. Sorry to waste your time.

So do you place : gitlab_ci[‘smtp_tls’] = true to gitlab_ci[‘smtp_tls’] = false