[solved] How to troubleshoot failed builds?

I configured a runner and .gitlab-ci.yml file. CI ran the build, but reported that it failed. How do I figure out why it failed? There’s no error message anywhere I can find. Lint says my syntax is fine. Nothing in /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-ci/production.log. I didn’t see anything in syslog. So, where do I even start?

This is running from the omnibus package updated today on Ubuntu 14.04. The runner was just installed today.

I configured an ssh runner.

Thanks to dblessin_ on IRC, I found the build details page. So, if anyone finds this down the road, click the commit link in the commit column on your projects ci commits page. Then you can see a page with a list of builds. If you click the link in the build id column, you can see the output of the build.