[SOLVED]Unsupported object type: id=139

Installed Omnibus 7.7.2 on Amazon Linux (Used Centos package), also installed on Ubuntu 14.0.4 (Ubuntu Package) EC2 instance.
Configured LDAP (correctly?)
Set uid: ‘uid’
Enabled/Disabled bind account, same error
Enabled/Disabled User Filter, same error
Enabled/Disabled Active Directory, same error.

However get error in unicorn_stdout.log when trying to login using LDAP.
ERROR – omniauth: (ldapmain) Authentication failure! ldap_error: Net::BER::BerError, Unsupported object type: id=139

Similar error is displayed on login screen after clicking LDAP SIgnin button.

Confirm no network issues talking to LDAP server.

UPDATE: I got bad info from the Identity manager, or Gitlab is very picky.
Following IDM manager instructions I set
port: 389 and method: ‘tls’
however through trial and error discover the settings needed to be
port: 636 and method: ‘ssl’