Some URLs are incorrect in the Gitlab site in a Gitlab EE Ubuntu installation


I have an issue with our internally installed GitLab page. The page address is “”, and every link inside this GitLab site points to pages starting with this address in their URL, like:

However there are some pages, like the Create Milestone page, which points to an internal IP address:

It looks to me that this is because the link belongs to a project, but I have no idea how to make it work correctly.

In /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb the external_url is set properly, and I checked the generated config files too.


Maybe these URLs are hard-cached somewhere in the project descriptors, the database, anywhere. I have no idea how to solve this either.

I created a new project, there the URLs are all correct, reflect the current external_url setting.

Fixed by erasing the cache:

sudo gitlab-rake cache:clear

Thanks for posting the answer! Strange indeed. I’d expect the cache to be cleared after a domain name change.