Sourcecode EU (European Union)?

How can i make sure that my sourcecode is stored in datacenters in EU (European Union)?

Hi @saal-digital-cw , core infrastructure is primarily hosted in Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) us-east1 region, but GitLab self-managed can be hosted and operated practically anywhere.

If ensuring that your code is hosted in EU datacenters is critical for you and your organization, I suggest you obtain or provision infrastructure in EU and run self-managed GitLab on that. That put you in control of where your data is hosted/stored, and will effectively ensure that your sourcecode and other GitLab data does not leave the EU.

Instructions on how to install and run your own GitLab self-managed instance can be found here: Download and install GitLab | GitLab

To add, GitLab Dedicated as SaaS also offers regional data residency, for example in the EU.

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