Specify release artifacts

I have a python package, and I want to release the package versions occasionally. I added the following in the CI configuration, and it does create releases successfully.

    extends: .release_job
    image: registry.gitlab.com/gitlab-org/release-cli:latest
        - artifacts: false
          job: registry_upload
        description: initial release with semantic versioning
        name: version ${VERSION_NUMBER}
        ref: ${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA}
        released_at: "2022-08-29T22:30:00+05:30"
        tag_name: v${VERSION_NUMBER}
        - echo "Releasing version ${VERSION_NUMBER} of my_package"
    stage: release
        VERSION_NUMBER: 0.0.1

(registry_upload is the name of the job with twine)

However, the release has no link to download the corresponding wheel files, or not even a link to the package registry.

My question is how to specify file paths or artifacts of previous jobs (wheel files, html documentation by Sphinx, etc.) so that those are available directly from the release page, without needing the access and/or need to go to the pipeline/package registry and download from there.

(Cross-posted at Specify release artifacts for in Gitlab CI - Stack Overflow)