Ssh connection not working with gitlab server hosted locally


Hi ,
i have recently installed a gitlab server on a Fedora Server VM hosted on my computer.
All seem to work but when i try to connect to the gitlab instance with the command ssh i get this message :
Last login: Sat Apr 22 16:33:11 2023 from ... instead of the Welcome to GitLab, @username! message .

Also when i try to clone a project i have the following error :

fatal: ‘Octodex/mytestproject.git’ does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

I have all the rights on the repo. And i have added the generated ssh public key in gitlab.
i don’t know how to resolve these problems.
Thanks in advance for your responses :slight_smile:

someone has an idea ?

(I just found an open tab with the answer below, I don’t know why I didn’t send it back when I wrote it, but here it is)

From the output of the ssh command, my guess would be that you reach a standard sshd daemon on some machine where there is a git user.

The output from an attempt to clone is what you’d get if you ask for a repository that doesn’t exist on the server you’ve contacted.

Together I think the most likely explanation is that your ssh doesn’t reach the VM where you installed GitLab.

I have never used Fedora so I have no idea what things might look like on that, but I would check e.g. the hostname and ip address of the host you get to with ssh to verify/falsify my theory.

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Just in case Gitlab was installed in Docker, then there is also the chance that the port was not redirected correctly when setting up docker. Also, the docker instance of Gitlab will not listen on port 22, since the host operating system will already have port 22 running for it’s own instance.

But the above depends on whether it was a docker install, or Gitlab Omnibus install, which means installing the Gitlab deb/rpm package.

The ssh reach the VM, because after the ssh command i have the message Last login: Sat Apr 22 16:33:11 2023 from ... and after this message when i write a ls command i can see files that are in the VM. Also when i try the same ssh command from the VM i have the same result.

I used a Gitlab Omnibus install. I have installed Fedora on a VM with VirtualBox.