Stages after manual build should not run


In the docs

“Manual actions are a special type of job that are not executed automatically”

which is great for deployments.

But for subsequent stages it says

“on_success - execute build only when all builds from prior stages succeed. This is the default.”

So if I have a stage after a manual job I would expect that stage NOT to run as the prior stage did not succeed. However after manual stages (which I do not run) the next stage does run which I do not want. I would expect a manual stage to stop any stages after in the pipeline. This is similar to the manual trigger in Jenkins.

Is this a bug? A new feature? Possible?

Many thanks,


I agree. I think this is a bug since it looks when it initially flags the job as success when the job is set to be manually executed when allows it to continue on to other stages.

I haven’t tried this but would setting

allow_failure: false

on the manual stage prevent this?

This is still valid, 3 years later. Shouldn’t we get this fixed?