Start Jobs / Pipline After MR has been Merged

Hi all,

For a project me & my team are working on we need to implement the following with Gitlab CI:

After a MR has been merged on a release branch a pipeline should trigger a build job and automatically start deploy job that deploys to our dev environment. A manual action is available for deploying to staging.

For production this would be the same case as with the release but then for master.

Currently I have not found a way to start certain jobs or a pipeline directly after a MR has been merged.

Current setup:

  stage: build
  image: docker:stable
    - docker:dind
      when: on_success
  <<: [*build_before, *build_script, *build_after]

However this part runs when the MR is created I need this to be created after the MR has been merged.

Anyone idea’s or tips to be able to achieve this would be very helpfull!

Hi there,

The most simplest way is to use the only keyword and specify the branches as per your requirement

Sample: If you would like to run specific job only on the MR’s then you can specify only: merge_requests
Once the MR is merged - eventually the master or the branch where the merge occurred will be updated - as a result the pipeline will be triggered, you can specify the custom jobs to run post merge using the only: master

  stage: build
  script: ./build
  - master

  stage: test
  script: ./test
  - merge_requests

  stage: deploy
  script: ./deploy
  - master

Kindly have a look at the documentation for more information and features here

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Thanks for your feedback! I have finally found a way to accomplish this together with your feedback.