Stopping environments through upstream

Hey community

Info about my setup:

  • Using (v14.1)
  • My runners for this project run on K8s
  • From 2 different projects where stuff is being lintered, built etc. the pipeline of a deployment-repo is being triggered (Multi project pipeline)
  • This Downstream creates (if it’s MR pipeline) a temporary Gitlab Environment (Review Environment) that can be stopped manually. It also terminates after 1 week automatically.

What I didn’t realise while setting things up was that the environment doesn’t terminate when we merge the MR (branch deletion would also terminate the environment) because it’s not an MR in the deploy project but in one of the upstream projects.

In the documentation it says under limitations:

Some features are not implemented yet. For example, support for environments.

Very vague, but maybe they mean exactly this.

Has anyone faced this problem as well? Do you have a workaround? Should I create a Feature request for this?

I really appreciate your inputs!